Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm so excited!!

Last sunday or something like tat i posted that I was going to be babysitting kiddos at church. Well, My friend/girlfriend ( if you'd like to call her that ) might be coming to help me. She is soooo sweet and smart. I realy like her. Well, I have always been the shy kid who is usaly tuned out and unnoticed. She is one of my few friends. I am so excited to see if  the girl will come help me. She is sooo sweet and naturaly beutiful. Not hot, but just beutieful in her own pretty little feminie way. I am shy so mostly i chat with her via text and emails. She is one of the more popular girls . Soo cute. I can't wait!!! We don't speak much. She is " just a friend " but she is a cute one i realy like her. Anyway, for St. valentines day what did i buy her??? Vaentines days is in a few weeks. I will not buy her chocolates or pick flowers or whatever most boys do for girls. I will write her this book. Fancy pages, a good plot, and memories that will last a lot longer than Russel Stovers.

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