Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Graduatiin Ceremony

So this Monday I had my High School graduation Ceremony ( Forget I'm halfway thruough my first semester of college.) , and me along with the result
Of the Eastern Alamance High School Class of 2017 got or diplomas . The night started with waiting a hour in the gym of the church the Ceremony was being held. I almost died form dehydration! We finally got to go into the chapel where graduation was being held . After some boring speeches and badly done music , everyone got up and one by bit me, systematically got their diplomas. It was done in alphabetical order and since my last name is White I was I in the last row of students. Earlier a student who was also graduating told me I was not able to run in my graduation cap and gown. When they called my name I treated the graduation stage not much differently than a curb in a cross country trail and ran , in cap and gown , across the stage to get my diploma . I sped things up to say the least. People all of the sudden started clapping and cheering at me ! I was like " What The Heck?" I was just getting my diploma my style . That's all. Well apparently everyone loved it and was humored. Here's the video:


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry that blogger ain't acting right and is not uploading the video

    2. It's alright! I'm sure it was awesome. :)

  2. Love it! Congrats as well, Evan. :)