Sunday, June 25, 2017


So guys... how do I start this? I have been really lonely recently and my life is slowly going downhill again.  I hate the fact I am so needy and hate being alone. Add in the fact stress is destroying me as I have just finished up section D of my midterm exam and  as a perfectionist at school and loving to do really well at things yet at the same time a procrastinator at times if something is really hard, this test is taking a toll on me as I know i'm not likely to do well. Earlier today I thought about killing myself ( yes, I seriously thought about taking my life over midterm exams.) but i decided that would be a BAD idea and thus stayed alive. Physically I feel ok but emotionally i'm a train wreck and always will be. : ((((     So overall though i've been doing ok.

The invisable scars bleed harder,

and the pain is hard to resist,

but to survive the warrior must Persist,

No disease will destroy his spirit,

even if it destroys his body,

he is still together,

the world around him looks different,

but it is the same as the real one,

through his eyes he sees it diffrently though,

and wants to help others heal,

The one thing he is not able to let himself do,

He tries to help others with...


  1. Goodness, I pray that you will get off that track of despair soon. I understand your feelings sometimes of discouragement and perfection + procrastination. (I have around 12 verses or more to memorize today and am going crazy; would you mind praying for me as well?) Thanks for this insightful post to let us know how you are doing. God bless.

    1. Ok. In class now on break but I wil .

  2. I'm so sorry, Evan! I will keep you in my prayers. Loneliness is hard, I know. But remember God is a friend to the end he stick closer than a brother.