Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When you nearly lose your life...

I got into a wreck a few days ago when my Buddy 50cc Moped hit a silver car.

Well, I had just left the coffee shop and was in no state to be on the road. My anti mania meds were not in effect and I had too much caffeine in my body. I thoughtlessly drove at dangerous speed down a residential road and tried to bypass a car. The car turned right as I was side by side, and I got hit. Flew into the air. My moped was on one side of the road while  I was lying and heavily bleeding everywhere on the road. Thank God I managed to get back on my feet and get home even as I continued to loose blood. The wound on my arm has been healing and I am getting better but it is just a reminder on how short life can be and the costs of unsafe driving. One small factor changed in the wreck and I could have been dead at the spot. I was the only person injured. Guys, God could take you away any day, you never know if you will get into a crash and die or something could kill you. When you get into near death issues on the road it can change the way you think.


  1. That's terrible, Evan! I hope you're okay now. I'm glad God kept you safe, and I'm sure He must have a great plan for your life!