Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why am I alive? Why do I have to be alive?

Well, recently my life has been a wreck and i've had my emotions go haywire. Just now some negative thoughts bout my stupid self are running through my head..... It is insane. Jesus help me! I'm dying inside. Why did you make me? Why am I alive? Jesus, whatever the reason is help me from hurting myself please! I don't want to hurt myself. Do I ? What is wrong with me? I don't understand myself. All I know is the invisable blood is flowing like a river i'm drowning in. Every hidden tear is one scar nobody will see. I don't know myself anymore...

The invisable scars,

the ones nobody sees,

the unheard screams,

the ones nobody hears,

it all seems so fine,

but undernieth his smike,

he is dying inside,

nobody hears his cries,

and slowly, slowly,

he slowly fades away.

Update: I have cycles of mania and depression and i'm expressing depression i'm dealing with now.

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