Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just you and me...

Just you and me baby,

Together on the dance floor,

Lost in your eyes and your smile,

I forget we are not alone,

Makes me think of our first good time,

At that concert in Greensboro,

You were screaming and singing to a band I didn't even like,

But I didn't care cause you were there ,

Months went by and you could be found there,

cheering me on at every cross country race,

Then coming to my track meet in the freezing cold,

Just to see me get last place running the mile yet break my P.R.,

Remember the night we went to prom?

You looked so dang good in that orange fancy dress,

And how I made 5 requests for that one song to turn you on,

Comes winter and change,

When we get washed up by November Rain,

College is calling my name but tonight babe,

We will do one last time around the floor,

Before it is time to say goodbye,

So don't think about tomorrow,

Just think about tonight ,

Cause this is our final night,

Before our southern story ends.

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