Saturday, November 5, 2016

Burning bridges

I'm burning a bridge,

We built together,

Out of love and caring,

Twine by emotional bonds,

Close smiles  and looking in each other's eyes,

And  a passion to make things happen,

I thought this bridge would never destruct,

That It was built well,

But the truth I see now,

It must go down in flames,

The foundation was badly made,

And it must be unmade.

The destruction must go well,

not one brick left unturned,

not one board or plank not burnt.

It all must go,

It must burn away,

none of it will decay,

It will just burn away.


             ( Dedicated to someone who i thought was a blessing but turned out to be just another pain. I wish I had never cared about her.)


  1. Sometimes burning bridges is necessary in life. :( But that's a great poem :)

    1. I know. I don't know if to wait out the storm her meds have created of her or to run from the storm so I don't get destroyed by it. I may just wait it out in a mental tornado shelter : )

    2. Haha I think that's a good plan ;)