Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sad endings and a hopeful future...

Hi everyone. My life has been changing so much recently, so I wanted to share it with you guys who follow me. First of all I added in the music video for Everything Changes by Staind in case you want to listen to it. I'm going through major changes. Firstly, Wednesday was the Conference meet, the final Cross Country meet I will ever run in, although I might help out at regionals. With highs and lows and much fun it has been a good season. I broke my personal record at our final home meet before Conference (my school always hosts Conference.) 9 schools came, and my school was ranked 2nd. The excesivly strong Northern Guilford High School team beat ours. However, our best runner did manage to secure second place before anyone from Northern Guilford could. He normally gets first place at regular meets but him getting second place at Conference is a big achievement! I ran as JV ( Junior Varsity) and got second to last place. JV is all the players who did not make the top seven in each team. I did my best and it was not quite enough to not be defeated by Northern Guilford's worst JV player. So from here I will start practicing for racing individually at 5k competitions accross North Carolina. I have till the end of next July till I start college so I might as well train for competitions and such while waiting. In January I will graduate from High School and am stressed over it all.The local community college is where I will spend my first 2 college years. as I run more I hope I will gain more rewards. Here's how I ended my season:

                                             A lot of stuff right? Ya....
Anyways I will hopefully have more time to post regularly. Oh yes, Throughout all this I feel like my best friends have abandoned me!  Here's a colection picture of my team and different photos of us:

some of these pictures are from this season, some are from last season.

Well, I hope everyone has a good night. : )


  1. Congratulations on almost graduating! It sounds like you're a good runner. :)

    1. I ain't that fast. my final score 30.40 is bad. Somehow I was voted as all conference though which is a honor to get.