Monday, June 6, 2016 Hope..

It runs through my veins,

Nobody sees it though,

I wish  there was a cure,

But there never will,

The invisible blood continues to pour,

but my hope is in the one,

that had blood pour for me,

to save me from myself,

my savior Jesus who I love,

He will someday take away the pain,

And my life lived for Him will not be in vain.

My call to those like me,

Who some consider insane,

Is let God take over,

And we will once die,

Have a eternity without our problems,

For now we will feel pain,

But jesus saves.


  1. This was good. We both had something to say about blood. And I didn't see a question on here but I contacted you with my super long answer :P

    1. Good answer. I liked your response a lot!

    2. Oh ya the other question I asked was on that other post you commented on on my blog. I'm glad you liked it! A lot of this blog is poetry, writings, posts about my life, and music videos. I only recantly started to make things less messing by going through and giving the posts labels to easier be read through. If anything in my blog , what would you suggest I edit? Does it need updating?

    3. Me? My personal life with God's help is in clean up. I am a train wreck with self control issues.

    4. Finally, it means a lot for someone to be reading what I post....

    5. Finally, it means a lot for someone to be reading what I post....

    6. Hmmm. Maybe a little updating. I dont know if its casue my computer is small but maybe a smaller header cause your blog is all zoomed in.And no problem. but maybe a few little updates