Monday, January 11, 2016

A poem about awareness of domestic violence in the family

They smiled,

Fake young smiles,

Of 2 siblings  who felt despised,

Nothing is good enough,

That's what they said,

Knowing what they wanted was death,

The plan was made and ready to go,

They closed their eyes,

The little girl was scared ,

Yet she knew what to do,

"Jesus forgive them!" ,

She cried, 

Her 8 year old brother,

Held her in his arms, 

And with that , the girl took a match,

And the house caught on fire, 

They were tired of their parrents ,

And the way they were treated, 

But the 2 were strong , and did what they did.

15 minutes before their drunken dad,

Was beating the girl,

Her brother got fighting mad, 

Grabbed a loaded Colt .45, 

And shot him to death.

With no clue what to do,

They both went to the furthest room,

Then with a lighter, they caught it on fire.

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