Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crime With a Babyish Punishment

Over all this fighting, there was one powerful being  that very few people knew about. A youthful, bright eyed, blonde haired, fairy named Katie could be used for good or bad. She took no sides and had no accomplices. Nobody knew her origin. Even she did not recall where she came from. She had been residing in a Victorian style home in Wet Island but had flown away to LA once the island fell. Katie had never had family, and it had a bad effect on her. She looked almost exactly like a natural girl, except she had wings and could fly. She never had any super powers at all, she was excessively powerful. How? She had on friend in Wet Island,  a brown haired boy named Jacob. Jacob (or Jake, as Katie liked to call him.) was raised in Ancient Greece, in the city state of Sparta. Somehow he had gotten sent into the future and landed on Wet Island. With no way to return, he stayed there and found  Katie. At the time they were both ten years old. Fast forward six years to the current time. Jacob had taught Katie the warfare of the Spartans Katie had mastered it all and could fight with any type of weapon in hand. From crossbow to the creation of nuclear missiles, she knew it all. This alone was a complete hazard to everyone. in these six years, Katie and Jacob had fallen in love with each other, and daily plotted on how to take over the world. Katie's motive? Considering she was the only one left in existence, Katie was tired of how everyone , even little children, thought that fairies were only in fairy tales and it was stupid to believe in them. She wanted  to show the world that they were wrong and that ONE fairy still existed, and she was not peaceful. Jacob's motive was to bring glory to the Spartans. One fateful day, Jacob told Katie to shove it and leave. He threatened to kill her with his Spartan blade. In fear, Katie flew away and hid. Well, being Jacob's accomplice was her original plan, but when he dumped her after he found a homeless Spartan girl, she had nowhere to go. So She  flew away for the first time in six years. She also had another weapon going for her that was more natural. She was extremely pretty and could easily seduce boys and men alike, to do her bidding.  

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