Friday, July 24, 2015

behind a smile/what do I care?

Behind this smile,

i'm broken inside,

nobody hears me cry,

I keep it all inside.

Invisible bleeding,

cuts unseen,

a crazy feeling in my veins,

as I watch my life go off the rails,

of a crazy train,

A wild spirit,


I feel shot down,

when others frown,

at my failues and weaknesses.

My writings and rhymes,

are my creation,

what do I care,

if you hate em?

if I was normal,

I would  not be me,

so if you don't like that....

You can kiss my rebel ass!!!!

I don't care!

just don't give a damn!!

I want to bleed,

yet I want to succeed!

Life's a dance I am learning as I go,

I have been high ,

and low,

and everything in between.

Behind a smile,

there's so much,

theres my thoughts,

which only God can see.

I just want to be happy!

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