Saturday, May 30, 2015


I've had enough,

this is too much,

Nobody understands me,

And wants me at all,

I think of the pain I have.

And take out my razor.

I am bleeding,

i'm bleeding everywhere,

it feels so good!

The pain runs through my veins,

Bloodshot eyes,

I look half dead.

I say my last prayer,

And I'm stone cold dead,

Blood running from my chest.


  1. Those poor people. :( Never stop praying for those who are depressed.

    1. I wrote this when I felt depressed. What do YA think. Google Blogger is not letting me log in so I'm posting anonymous. - Evan White, main poster and admin of this site.

    2. actually, I wrote this poem partly about myself. Lonliness can be so simple, ut painful at the same time. I gt really upset a few nights ago and had hidden a razor in my room and was about to cut myself when a family member came in. I don't know if ive said it before but am mentally disabled and can get abnormally depressed at times. I have in the past tid to commit suicide.Yes, someone can be a chistian but still have suicidal thoughts. Depression isn't always selfish or sinful. Usually i am ok ut there are times i'm depressed. Heck, thats one of the reasons I blog. To express my feelings via blog posts. God bless and goodnight.