Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I have missed you all.

So, I have not blogged in what seems forever. I have joined the Track team and made new friends at schol to replace the broken ones I've messed up. My friendship with Victoria has ended due to me not liking her friends. I have met one of the few black girls that has a pretty body today. At school today in English III my teacher went off topic and started talking about discrimination against Islam and HW islam is a religion of peace. I am know. for my stand agianst islam and being overal political incorrect. I got in trouble for murmuring "dead people" when he was talking about Islam. All the time I had been thinking about the dead Christians in Islamic nations. Somehow it is evil to say essentally that Islam calls for the death of all "infedels" .' Anyways in my class if I say anything that is unpoliticaly correct and is not against the rules You get in truble, but if you break the rules and use profanity and talk dirty about sex in class, that is OK. Goodnight everyone

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