Sunday, December 14, 2014

sunday morning thoughts #2

ok. I haven't done one of these since october, but here it goes.

I'm not saint and since it is good to have good advice and I sure do need that, I've been reading Proverbs. Anyways, proverbs is about wisdom and being wise and not being a fool. Proverbs 2:11 " desccretion shall preserve the, understanding shall keep thee."

I guess I should try to have understanding then. : )

Happy Sunday. Inspired to do this post by Sofia Marie at


  1. Glad you got inspired! So you're reading through Proverbs... Cool. What's your favorite chapter or piece of advice?

  2. I Just started... The sermon is about to start so bye

  3. Cool -which one are you on now? I'm almost finished with Revelation. :) How was the sermon?

  4. It was aweful! There was a sub preacher cuz the pastor and almost all church staff were gone. The sub pastor decided to take 30 minutes longer than the regular one! To make things worth I was online till past twelve a.m. Last night. I was banging my head on the pew in front of me to keep myself awake!! We usually do Issah in church so my Bible was nit in the right place! It was the worst sunday ever!

    1. Too bad you didn't like it. What was the message about?

    2. Don't remember it was a month ago. Currently our minister is going through Issaiah