Wednesday, November 12, 2014

School grades, softball, and peers.

School grades are slowly rising. This is good. I need better grades. I am meeting new chicks and I sit by the best chick in 4th period. I mean, she's so hot. Shes Awesome. She has tallent. Shes Smart. I hand her notes @ lunchtime. speaking of her, I know I've posted this song before, but it  just is so awesome! So far I have met a fellow wild girl. She has a boyfriend, but thats ok. I not gonna intrude her relationship. I wish someone would love me ....  Well I guess i'm crazy. Frankie Ballard says it right when he sings " it's a hellofa life". I'm holding on. My life is crazy, or is it me?? I don't know. The good news is I am writing a book. It's called Helen's War. I hope all my readers and subscribers have a good nite. Oh almost forgot. My peers are awesome. I am meeting the Softball Girls and they are awesome. Ok, not ALL my peers are awesome. Some of them have to be Satan's children! Now I offically say goodnight. : )

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