Thursday, November 6, 2014

How it feels to miss someone. Part One

When your tears cover your face,

And her memory haunts you,

This is how it feels to miss someone,

It feels like only a day ago,

We were out by the river,

white water rafting,

the water soaking you and me,

as we swam down Mill Creek,

how you on those stormy nights,

left your home and ran to me,

said you were scared,

now you aren't here.

You were and allways will be my girl,

even though you are not in this world anymore,

your snow white figure, is still with me,

the way you went away, 

you must of had so much pain,

and self hate,

to just end it all,

and fly away,

from that home so small,

they did not want you at all,

you were scared and never told it all,

they overlooked you,

and you couldn't take it anymore,

so I stare here at this angel of stone,

crying yet I know,

you are finally at home. 


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