Saturday, October 11, 2014

how my life has been/ classroom.

it's interesting. I have very few friends but i'm still happy I have some friends. I'm getting use to the rejection I get from our church. For the science fair i'm working on my experiment on hydroelectricity. It's gonna be awesome. Third Period is still like a jungle. Theres a latino girl in that class who might like me. I wrote this poem as a ode to my classes at Eastern:

                                                   The Classroom.

This place called a classroom, 

Is where I am,

Listening to this thinggy called a teacher,

Who keeps on preaching ,

The word's the rocks cry out,

In the table across from me there is a 

latino princess who is out of her mind,

wanting to be at the wild side,

look across the room and you will see,

a football obsessed evil goblin, 

who is pissed of at everybody,

we've got black bodied monsters, 

always after everybody,

and blonde haired enchantresses, 

enchanting timelords like me.

So  here I am, on this mission of mine,

to seek out wisdom from learning all the while, 

the final destany at the end, is a light out these classrooms, as I head to collage.

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