Tuesday, September 16, 2014


    So far school has gone good. I have had troubles though. 4th period's teacher is awesome! I like 4th period best because that class is World History and I like History. The first teacher I have teachers a class on how to use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. I HATE WORD!!!!! The class sand the software. Word is hard to understand and is a trainwreck. Don't tell the person who teaches Word, but she has the face of a skunk.
    I met this cute girl but she hates me. So i'm still looking for a girl but hopefully I will find one, cause hate being single. I have noticed that most of  the Freshmen are very crazy , the Sophomores are crazy but not as crazy as the Freshmen, and the Juniors and Seniors are the least crazy. It tends to be us boys who are the craziest. I am part of the school writing club, and asked if I could be the tech guy who mangages contacts does the blog etc. Well, it's about time to go cause the computer is dying. Bye Y'all

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