Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Ok y'all. It seems like none can accept me for who i am. I feel unloved. I'm dying. I just want someone. Wnyone. Who will stand me. I am horrid. My existance is bullshit. I just want to be accepted. Is that even possible? I don't live up to anyones expectations. I am not good enough. I cause all sorts of problems, why should i live another day. Everyone hates me. None understand me. No one knows the horseshit i am going through. I just want to die.


  1. Hey Evan! I don't know you......really at all...... but I just wanted to say, I've been praying for you, and will continue to pray for you! Remember Hebrews 13:5-6 :~)

    1. Thanks you miss petters. I'm going to a new school where everyone seems to be insane and I have had to deal with bullies and gangsters who tried to hurt me. Theres one girl in the whole school who is sane and she only half the time turns up for school. I am soon to be moving to the city where there are so many more crazies. I get teased in class because i'm a 16 year old taking classes that consist mostly of freshmen. HaGD/HAgN

    2. Thanks agian. I'm in a way dying. I have attempted suicide multiple times because I hate myself and fell worthless.

    3. I'm sorry. I've been praying for you everyday. I hope somehow, someway, the Enemy will stop the attacks he is making on you. I know with God's help it will happen. :~)

    4. Things are getting better. My first period teacher is a irrational monster and no one likes her. She has gotten the name Skunk face because she has the scowl. Of a grumpy skunk. Us kids are left to help eachother cause the teacher no help. Theres also this demon kid in first period who not many people like and he is refered to as King George III . In 3rd period I sit beside a sex obsessed idiot

    5. I'm glad that they are getting better :~) Just remember that you can be a light you can show God's love and light to the others in your classes.