Saturday, June 28, 2014

Courtney's bad hair makeover

                 Courtney was so happy! Today was the day she would finally be able to get a hair makeover at Ellie's Spa and Hair Salon! After a breakfast of Sister Shubert's Cinnamon  Rolls and Minute Maid Orange Juice, she jumped in her hot pink Astian Martin and at full speed headed to the Salon.
                Fifteen minutes latter, Courtney found herself in a giant waiting room filled with girls like her, so, in her boredom she read the latest edition of Star Magazine and put a dollar in the soda machine. Courtney was halfway through a article about Ellen Degeneres filing for a divorce when the hairdresser called her name.  As she got into the barber's seat, a smile came through her face. " how would you like your hair, miss? " said the hairdresser. " I would like my hair long and curly" Was Courtney's response." Can do! " said the hairdresser.
                An hour latter, after going through multiple hair styles, the hairdresser, in agitation, decided to give Courtney a '60s beehive hairdoo. So after a lot of pains, the hairdresser had finished and Courtney left the salon and got home. At home when she looked in the mirror Courtney saw what the hairdresser had done , and the whole block could hear her wailing Noooooo!!!!

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