Thursday, June 26, 2014

Best Concert Ever!

                       As stormy as it was, and the fact the whole town had lost power when a tree that got struck by lightning and fell, breaking the powerlines leaving many stranded without power, and the truth both of our families were staying in Durham while the power came back on, and that we had spend $40 for a 2 queen bed unit at the Days Inn  so I did not have to stand my aunt's annoying dogs and she did not have to stand her dad breaking the rules and smoking in  a no smoking room at the America's Best Value Inn, all this did not bother us at all that night, the night when it was going to happen. A week earlier I had won front seat tickets from b93.9 WKSL to see Brantley Gilbert, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Chris Rice, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Maggie Rose, Jana Kramer, Danelle Bradburry, and more at a 4 hour long country music concert. Winning Tickets from WKSL was almost unreal so I was shocked when I heard that I was caller #9 that I nearly went insane! When I recovered from my shock, I had the nerve to text my girlfriend and tell her the news. Now two weeks latter, both of us left the Days Inn for the night and headed to the PNC Arena.
                        Since we had left an hour early, there was plenty of time for dinner, so we decided to stop for dinner at some place called Bar And Grill. The joint itself looked like it used to be a Wendy's and as we walked through those doors our impression did not change much, for the interior looked confirmed the idea of the place once being a Wendy's. The place had Wendy's sign wallpaper, and the tables and booths and chairs looked like ones you would find in a Wendy's. On one wall booths had been removed and in their place a bar had been added . The bartender was asleep. There was ONE person in the kitchen doing all the work, and our food took forever to be ready. When the food finally came to us, both of us ate like ravenous wolves, paid the waitress, and were out. Minutes latter we were at the Arena just in time. We got to our seats and the concert began. Along with free first row free tickets, we got free food , exclusive  enterance to the after party, and meet and greet, and while she was getting herself 6 chili cheese coneys I had chance to take use of those meet and greets and tried to convince Brantley Gilbert to play her the song I wrote. A few minutes latter I was helping her eat all those coneys and getting drink refills. By the time I got back from drink refill run #4 the first preformance had already happened. 7 artists latter, Chase Rice picked up his guitar and the whole place could be heard singing Ready Set Let's Roll Ready Set Let's Ride Put Your Pretty Fine Ass On The Steps Shimmie Up Inside. As the preformance finaly winded down, I was suprised when Rice said " This Following song was handed to me by a boy who wants to keep his identity hidden today wheen I was doing meet and greets." As the song played, she gave me a smile and whispered " Don't you love this song? It must have been written by a very tallented boy." I agreed and she then said with a smile filled with passion " you wrote that song, did you not? " Yes" was my answer. At that point she kissed me and the show went on well. The show finaly ended at 11:30 p.m  and we headed to the after party. The after party was a blast! All of the sudden while talking about the storm and where to stay, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw overheard us and said they were amazed by the song I wrote and that they were also amazed on how well of a singer she had been, for my girlfriend had found herself getting onto the stage and singing for everyone at the after party. They were so amazed at the both of us, they paid full expensies for us to stay at the Governor's Suite at the Hilton North Raleigh. Overall, We had one hell of a night!


  1. Whoa! Sounds like an awesome night!

    1. thanks. And yes, the story is too good to be true, it is fiction.

    2. Aw man. That'd be pretty awesome if it were real!

    3. I was inspired to write this after thinking about the tixs the country station is giving out