Thursday, May 29, 2014


. I have to add in saying that cyberbullying is not like war. I myself deal with bipolar disorder and autism and don't get along with others bullies have given me emotional depression but i try to keep my head high and not pay attention to bullcrap others post about me. The bullying is not like war. Anyone who has a disability physical or mental is actually in a way fighting a battle not a war a battle that never ends till death the battle is hard when you've got the enemy army Depression on one side attacking you and army Anxiety on the other side and it is a fight for your life you fighting army depression and if you give in to army depression he will have you die ( suicide ) so a disabled person has a mental battle they have to win. The battle is won when I die but not by suicide. The reason i have not given into the pressure of army depression's leader Gen. Self Hate is because my king and commander in life is Jesus Christ. 

      This article is fully a Analogy except for the last ten words

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