Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

              Last time we left our hero's they were fighting back a legion of Black Shore Witches, which eventually ended up landing into a a trap and being eaten up by monster sized rattlesnakes. When miss badbreast heard that The troops she trusted to Miss Melenie had been eaten up by snakes, she was VERY mad! So as a result, she sent for more troops to come, and for all the surviving nannies from the last attack ( there was only one survivor ) to be tortured and then beheaded. When the sole survivor of this attack heard that she would be killed, the poor thing decided to see if she would be allowed entrance to Fort Babyish  and if she could talk to ether Super Girl or Eliza and be of use to them.
            So off  Miss Amanda went, and as she knocked on the gate two guards appeared and asked her what she wanted. Amanda then said " I need to get entrance so i can notify Super Girl on the location of the enemy". As suspicious as this person seemed, they let her in and lead her to Super Girl, who was talking to Tanya about what should next be done. Suddenly, Super Girl was startled at the sound of a knock on the door. " who is it? " said Elisa who was also in the room. " Someone wants to talk to you in private about the position of the enemy". Said the guards Super Girl then told the guard to let the visitor in. When the visitor walked through the door, it was immediately clear that the person who came in was one of the black shore witches. She was wearing the army outfit of one of the enemy. Just then Elisa came in and was about to strike Miss Amanda dead, but Super Girl told her to hear what Miss Amanda had to say. " Hello, my name is Miss Amanda and I am one of the Black Shore Witches as you can see, she said. I am the sole survivor of a assault made on the fort last night. I am 16 years old and was born the offspring of one of the black shore witches. I am doomed to die tomorrow because Miss Badbreast has doomed all the survivors to be executed. I can't help the fact I was born as the offspring of one of the Black Shore Witches and if you are willing to let me into your fort for good and enlist me, I know a lot of information about what weapons the Black Shore Witches will be using against us. " O.k. i will allow you to join our ranks, and you will be given the position of the chemist, ok? " o.k. Agreed Miss Amanda.

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