Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

                Last time we left our heroines, they were about to battle.
The Dark Shore Witches were on their way to attack Fort Babyish. As they advanced to assualt the fort they had some problems. The first problem the Black Shore Witches came up with was the 25 girls who were under the control of Lt. Ellie, one of Super Girl's appointed leaders. These girls were trained to shoot arrows that had a poisonous substance from Super Girl's lab. Miss Badbreast, ( now General Badbreast) was ready to take on attacks. The assualt was made at the dead of night, so they thought that all in the fort would be asleep. General Badbreast was wrong. A watchboy alerted all in Fort Babyish to be ready for a assualt. The fort was bustling with warriors getting their armor on. As the noise of the black witches came closer, and the archers were fighting in vain, Super Girl, Tanya, and Eliza came up with a plan. Tanya's friend Col. Lilly would lead 100 more archers to the archer tower, Tanya would lead be undwr command of about 75 soldiers and each soilder would have their gun pointed out of the gunlocks, and Sgt. Andie would lead the 40 cannoneers. The rest of the soilders would be on hand. The swordsmen were at hand and also the bombers  had the day before placed bombs.
                The Black Witches were about like a foot from what they thought was the main door. The original number of the witches was 200 but only 125 remained. The poison archers had shot down 15, and the other dead witches were killed by bombs. There were only 5 archers still alive on the watch tower when the reinforcements arived.
                With that said the nanies by now thoguht they found the way into the fort. Half of the nannies waited outside for further instructions, while the rest opened the door they thought would lead them to victory. How suprised they were when they found what was behind this door!!!!

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