Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

               Last time we  left our heroines they were still practicing for war, and a spy troop had been sent to find out info on The Black Witches plans, and one of the spies found Miss Badbreast's lab #1 and escaped the lab with weapons useful for Super Girl's army, lists of potions, labs and armories, and surplus house. this spy also found out that Super Girl's evil brother was working for Miss Badbreast. on the way out of the lab/armory building she mixed some potion that cought the whole place on fire after being put in fire. Well, after this find a different squad of spies were sent out, led by the spy who found the lab.
               Two days latter all the operations of the Black Shore Witches were destroyed, and on the same   day the Black Shore Witches and all of the babies that did not revolt went and set camp outside Fort Babyish, and the batlte begain

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