Monday, February 24, 2014

Ski trip Update.

Here's the update on the ski trip. Today we went skiing at Beech Mountain and it was a total failure. We needed to practice skiing on the learners course and it was uneven and unpractaceable  . The best thing we did at Beech Mountain was get lunch in the Cafeteria and the cafeteria was not ev en that good. I had a chicken sandwich with the condiments of some of my french fries , onions, and hot salsa. It was ok after I put the salsa on it. There was cheese on the burger but it was shredded. After lunch we left BeechMountain   and went   to the mountian town 7 devils where we went tubing at Hawks Nest Tubing and Zipline. The pictures are on my dads iPhone . Will Upload them latter. Till then, bye. I am tired

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