Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment

     When we last left our heroine, Tanya and Super Girl had got off with the recruits and killed all the nannies in the hotel, and blown the Bedtime Inn to shreds. Knowing the Wet Island police force would come any second, so Super Girl gave Tanya the wheel and she pushed the gas pedal and changed the speed from 75 MPH to 150 MPH , not caring that she just crashed like five cars full of nannies. Each car they crushed was driven by nannies, and the kids were rescued all the while. 15 minutes latter Tanya drove the Supermobile into the drive of Fort Babyish , Super Girl's army base. with a press of a button, Super Girl had the Supermobile in a secret underground garage. Out went all the kiddies and Tanya , led by Super Girl, they went to the barracks and got settled up. each kid was loaded with weapons and Tanya took the recruits to the practice range where she taught all the newcomers what to do in battle in the practice range.
     Fort Babyish was a interesting place. The main part of Fort Babyish was the main building, where the majority of the areas were, including the underground jail with it's snake pit, The conspiracy room where plans were made, the Armory where all the extra weapons were kept , the Kitchen, Potion room,  Pool Hall, living room, Bunk rooms, Monitor  Room, and bathroom. the main entries were underground dug rooms for use in case of problems. the other two buildings were connected by a mining cart tram system underground. the other buildings was a silo that had cannons sticking out from the windows, a Barn that was being used as a storage garage ,and a shed that was far away from the rest of the house and filled with explosives.
     Two weeks latter more than half of the babies were at Fort Babyish, and the battle would come soon.
Fort Babyish was now a messy place, everyone had a job to help get ready for the war. As general of Super Girl's army, Tanya's job was to train new recruits. This was a hard but rewarding job for Tanya. Tanya's friend Lily was a Colonel and she loved her rank. Two weeks latter, they were prepared for the upcoming battle caused by their rebellion.  

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