Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crime With A Babyish Punishment.

  When we last left our hero she had just left the bloody scene at the apartments, and Super Girl was ready to take Tanya to the Bedtime Inn where the recruits were waiting for rescue. Super Girl then told Tanya that they were to drive a car there . With that said, Tanya and Super Girl found a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, and sped away at 125 MPH. In two minutes they got to the Bedtime Inn , exited Super Girl's car, and entered the hotel.
  As they went through the creepy, dark, dated,  corridors  that led to the room where the recruits were, Super Girl used her Baby Monitor GPS system to find the room needed. Since the Invisibility drink was losing effect, Super Girl and Tanya needed to get to the room fast, or they would be caught. After like five minutes that seemed like a eternity , they found the room the woman at the apartment said held the recruits. With all their remaining strength, Super Girl and Tanya went into the room with the given number on it. As they walked in, a note was found. The note said in a babyish handwriting the nannies could not read " go to room 50 we are in captivity. Super Girl understood the note and what it meant. With that in mind, they grabbed to explosive Binkie shooters, a Match, and the note card with the room address on it. By now, they had 5 minutes left of invincibility, which was just enough time to get to room 50 and figure out how many nannies they had to deal with. Three minutes later they were in room 50 and just as Super Girl feared, the whole room was surrounded by nannies. They entered the room by floating through the bathroom walls. They landed in the bathroom just in time, for that very moment their invisibility was lost. Luckly none were in the bathroom. Super Girl locked the bathroom door and then said to Tanya " We will disguise as babies, there is all we need here in this bathroom. " Tanya answered with a o.k. as she slid on a Dora easy up.  

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