Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crime With A Babish Punishment.

  When we last left our hero, Tanya and Super Girl were stuck in the bathroom in room 50 dressing into baby outfits, whispering the whole time. About what they should do. This was the proposed plan:
In their outfits, Tanya and Super Girl would come out of the bathroom, and while Super Girl got ready to explode the whole hotel into flames and got her Supermobile ready for the escape, Tanya would go distract the nannies, and help the recruits escape this evil prison and get away. So Super Girl did not dress as a baby after all, but Tanya did . Tanya was also given a Binkie gun that shot explosive baby Binkies. " Good Luck Tanya, and get the kids out safe. " O.K. Said Tanya to Super Girl.
   Off Super Girl went and Tanya was on her first mission. With nothing else on but a Easy Up , she walked out of the bathroom, and her  gun turned invisible.  A devilish looking woman came into the room, with a spot on her arm where she had minutes before injected a Syringe of Heroin into her vains. As the nanny walked she saw Tanya, and the worst thing that could happen occurred. Tanya looked down and saw that her Easy Up was wet. Nanny would not miss that. And sure enough,nanny did not overlook Tanya's wet Easy Up. As she ripped Tanya's diaper off and tried to change her,Tanya defiantly moved back. After a battle , she   had no choice  but to be changed. A few minutes latter Tanya looked and observed the diaper she was wearing. The diaper was pink with fairy princesses on it. Well, it was time for things to be done, and the Nanny was just the right size to fit into a Pull Up. The Kids wore miserable and one of the little girls told Tanya to diaper nanny. So diaper was what Tanya did. Tanya and a girl named Amie strapped One of the nannies to a changing table and slid a Baby Powdered  Dora easy up on nanny one. On Nanny two the drugged her with heroin and shot her. With that said, Tanya was able to break the window down and got the recruits  freed. The recruits got into the Supermobile and Super Girl Blew the hotel up, the nannies burning to death.

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