Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I did on new years eve.

  On new years eve me , my brother , and my sister went to a cjurch bowling event that ended at about 9:30 p.m. I went hystarical when two games had gone by and i wad beaten by my brother who had a score of 60 when i had a ending score of 20 on game 2. I kept losing. We had pizza in the bowling alley's Pizza parlor . The pizza was realy good. When we got back home we turned on a old Movie from the 50s staring  Cory Grant and Marilyn Monroe. While watching the movie we played board games. I played stratigo with my brother and the game ended as a tie. Both me and my brother surounded our flags by bombs and both of use had our miners dead so the bombs could not be destroyed. So at the end of the game there was mo way for the flag to be reached. We i killed most of his troops with my armies but when i got to where. The flag was the remains of my dwindling army blew up from my brothers bombs it was the same for my brother's 2colonels and general .

And heres some pics of the bowling alley...

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