Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crime With A Babish Punishment chapter two.

   Last time we left her off, Tanya did not listen to her friend , Super Girl, and Her grave fortune became a reality. Tanya's parents were arrested for not taking care of Her, and she was sent to a Giant manor that was big and had the one thing Tanya hatted , A nanny. As Tanya walked around the place, she was grabbed in the back by a abusive nanny. Tanya was never so scared in her life. In her fright, she threw a flowerpot   at Nanny's head and the five other kids at the manor followed Tanya's example. All the kids knew that Nanny sarah was a dangerous woman but none dare spoke a word for fear of being beat up. In this whole week, Tanya had met 5 kids like her and one of them became her best friend. This best friend was named Lilly, and it turned out Lilly was the only other girl who had seen Super Girl at all. Lilly and Tanya Talked about Super Girl all the time and never doubted what she said. Their friendship went on for that whole week and when that week was over , once Again, Super Girl appeared. This time , Super Girl gave them some water .

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