Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crime with a babish punishment. Chapter two.

  Still waiting for the Judge's ruling, the court was adjourned for one hour. In this time Tanya went to the Food Court and stopped at the Chic Fil a stall. There  she ordered her favorite meal The Orignal Chicken Sandwich , A large waffle Fry , and a extra large Lemonade. She was tired and had to go to the bathroom. As she opened the bathroom door, she saw a young woman changing her three year old daughter. Tanya had her eyes peeled to the diaper. The diaper was a White Could trainer for girls. The young woman then looked straight at tanya, and said " If you want to wear diapers don't wear dirty ones! Here, have some of my Child's clean diapers. " Tanya then said thanks and asked to woman why she gave away diapers. The woman then said " I used to be a diaper lover so I know how a diaper lover feels. " and at that moment, the woman walked away leaving Tanya in shock.  Two hours later , the verdict was made. The judge said " Tanya , you are guilty of stealing $3,000 worth of diapers and beating the guards up. Your Punishment is to be exiled on Wet Island, where there is no escape from babyhood.
   30 minutes latter Tanya was dragged into a plane that took her to a whole different world were adults and teens are babies and kids are like adults. The first thing Tanya though was " how do I get out ?? " the next moment she gasped when she felt something wet and padded that smelled like baby powder underneith her clothes. Tanya knew she could not escape but she ran and ran and ran till she got into a abandoned apartment. The building was empty and looked like it was gonna cave in. There was one apartment unit that caught her eye though. She went to that lighted unit, and found the last thing but best thing she wanted. Tanya knew there was no escape from diapers so sheave up trying. As Tanya flew open the door , a 20 year old woman, the same woman she had seen in the courthouse, was there taking care of other girls and boys like Tanya. Welcome, said the 20 year old woman. My name is Janet and I was one of you at one point. I am still one of you but have earned respect enough to be the head of the society of baby nanys. I really wish Me and all of y'all could lose our babyhood. My job is to find homes for all of you. This is my home and my master is out. Now Tanya, it is time you have that diaper of yours changed. And soon after Tanya was asleep.

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