Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crime With A Babish Punishment Chapter one.

     Well, Last time we left Tanya , she was at The Manor and had once again seen Super Girl who was gathering up recruits for her operation for the Battle against the Nannies. Tanya was glad to see Super Girl again, but was not ready for what was coming. Super Girl walked into the room in the form of a Rocking Horse , and when Tanya heard the toy horse talking she was startled , till it changed into Super Girl's spectacular form. After much staring in awe, Super Girl started to talk , in a frustrated  voice, that seemed to say hurry up in it's tone. The words super girl said were wild. " Tanya , you have done good in this last test, I am making a army to end the rule of these idiotic nannies. So I hereby knight you as 2nd in command in my army against the Society of Nannies. Then Super Girl told Tanya to drink a berry wine that would give her the power of being invisible. After the whole bottle was finished,off disappeared Tanya and Super Girl.
     Three minutes latter , with their invincibility  still activated they went into the old apartment that was  the first home  for Tanya. They walked into the place, and seeing that it was empty except for a sign that had a skull and read these words " go back." As they went in they saw a gruesome sight. Two bodies were found in a bloody heap. A closer look and the bodies could be identified as the 21 year old from the courthouse, and a boy who was 22 in real life age. It was clear what the 22 year old had done, considering he was found with her arms around the 21 year old and a knife wound on his back. He had done his duty to defend the home finder woman. Both seemed dead till a closer look was taken.  The boy was dead for sure, but the woman after given some water opened her eyes, to see the invisible form of Super Girl and Tanya . With tears , the woman said what had happened. " i told him to go but he insisted he save me. When all else failed he let himself get stabbed by a evil woman whose name I know not. His wounds have kept me alive just long enough to tell you this. Then the woman handed Tanya a note she scribbled down. At that moment she said " Take care Tanya, my mission on earth is over, please fulfill my dream , I will never see the day we are freed from are bondage. Right before the woman took her last breath, she said Goodbye Tanya, I will always be with you in your dreams. Then, there was silence . With tears Super Girl took the crying Tanya away.

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