Thursday, August 22, 2013

Super Girl And The Islam Aliens

                                                                   Part One                                                                             ...................................................................................................................................................................
     16 year old Madison Andrews  was on her way our of church with her family one day , when the song she was listening to on the radio was interrupted by a news alert about a group of Ali Quada members that had just blown up St. Basil's cathedral in Russia and it was thought by some that the Islam extremists planed to take over the world. There were reports of a new war being started. Madison's mom said there was nothing to be afraid about and it was all just a rumor, but Madison was not so sure. The U.S. army was getting prepared to be ready for any attack and the borders were watched carefully. Madison still did not think that things would go well, and she decided to help.

    Two days latter Madison and her family were watching a movie on demand when a new alert came up that told that a Air France plane that had some ambassadors going to meet at the United Nations was hijacked by a Muslim woman and was aimed towards Big Ben in London , England. Madison's parents then started to get very worried. Madison decided she had to do something with her secret superpowers that none knew about. Madison had just learned to drive , and she looked a lot like she was 18 , so if she ran away to stop the terroists , she would never be thought as a runaway. Madision talked to her parents about her idea and she was surprized when the said she could go search for the robber. After her parents consented, she went and quit her job ( she had saved up about $5000 that were in the bank and she had $200 with her. Madison had just bought her first car ( which was a 80s Ford Mustang ) from Craigslist and had gone to pick it up the day before, so she had a car to drive.

    After a day of packing , it was decided her family would move away to avoid supicions of friends , so with many tears her mom and dad packed up  their Ranch style home in Roanoke , Va. and moved to Burlington, Nc , while Madison moved to a town near D.C. in Mariland , and rented a low cost appartment , where she spent most of her time till 8:00 P.M. when she went to her job , which was the night shift at a BP gas station's mini mart, where she worked till 2:00 A.M. While in D.C. she worked often on re - learning some spells, for her gandma was the a witch, the good kind of witch that does good not evil. Therefore, due to her ancestry of witches , she had witch blood in her that she used for a good cause. In D.C. she met a 18 year old boy named Dave who also had some magic in his blood, so Dave and Madison teamed up to save the world from the Islam Aliens that threatened to take over the world, and at the same time , Dave sold his Pontiac on craigslist for needed money. at the end of their stay at D.C. Dave and Madison eloped  secretly. After they had a mechanic improve Madison's car and transform it so it had wings to be a airplane and the neede stuff for it to be a car, they departed and went their ways. It was decided that Dave would stay in D.C. while Madison went to Europe with a firend she made named Jessica. Soon they departed with many a tear on their faces.

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