Meet the Characters

I decided to do a meet the characters page for the main characters that play role in my writings.

The Light Side, led by Christians and were the light of the world.


          She is your average girl from the outside but in reality she is only part mortal part immortal. She takes on different ages as the story goes but is the same person overall. She is of all the main characters the most relate able. She suffers like any human being from weaknesses. Yet, through many trials she finally finds her identity.


Elisa ( Eliza) 

She is the last of a tribe of superhuman warriors that mostly died out in the battles against the Black Shore Witches. Her power is insane and she is invincible to death. Just her presence can kill the common enemy. She is good at every weapon, but especially the broadsword.
The sister of Super Girl, together they lead the fight against the dark forces.

Super Girl.

The cousin of Eliza, Super Girl also has superhuman powers but they are more magic related. She was a crossbreed between a black shore witch and a man from the tribe Eliza was from. Growing up in the home of a good witch who was killed off, she both had magical power in her veins and learned how to use it. She used that power to make herself and others go invisable, to heal wounded, change forms of people, and many other ways. She was also good at any weapon. 


The last remaining fairy princess, and the last remaining fairy for that matter, she looks like your average teen girl. However, after much of what was America got taken over by The Dark Side , a gang run world led by the 2 most wicked people in the earth. When she figured her calling, she started war agianst the dark side and ultamatly led to the end of The Dark Empire. She was really pretty also. Her and her 2 closet warriors, Jason and Emily helped lead victory.

The Dark Side......


He was a Spartan warrior who got lost in time and ended up hundreds of years after Sparta fell and was bent on helping the Dark Side and recreating Sparta. Growing up with Katie, they were friends and untill certain events happened, they both planned on ending society and recreating Sparta. In the long run Jaccob chose the dark side while Katie led much of the light. 

The Mistress

She had been posessed by the devil and led the world in the name of Satan. Her power, she thought, had no ends and she destroyed any resistance. 

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